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TIME Ticks - carlsonCREATIVE, inc.

I refer not to THOSE ticks that bite, but precious increments of time that are wasted by industry leaders micromanaging their teams. Creativity flows when team members are left to flourish and grow through constant positive reinforcement.

People love to compare schedules. Have you noticed? You say you have three meetings today, and coworker pipes up that they have four AND a date with the gym. In the modern workplace, we love to boast about our busyness: Particularly to boast about how many hours of our day we spent doing things we didn’t want to do.

But at carlsonCREATIVE, we aren’t interested in talking about the hours spent because our goal isn’t to show off a full schedule: It’s to efficiently produce results.

I don’t care how many hours our team puts in: My concern is what was produced. While we have an office, most of our team members work remotely on their own time instead of sitting in a cubicle during business hours. I found that not everyone is as productive from 9-5 as they are from 8-4, 5-2, or midnight to 7 a.m. Any why force employees to sit at a desk to fill up an eight hour work day, when they were only producing results for four of those hours? That’s a waste of my money, our client’s money, and my team’s time.

In the same way, we aren’t supplying the companies we work with mile-long timesheets (ever get a legal invoice with every phone call tallied, when you were asking about their family no less!). We are supplying them with documentation of ROI, blog posts written, social media posts sent out, press releases published — because at the end of the day, that’s what matters to you, the leader of your organization.

Would you rather hire Joe who takes five hours to create a press release? Or Sally who takes one? So long as quality is the same, you want to pay for productivity, not hours worked.

That’s why our work at carlsonCREATIVE is so beneficial to our clients.

These savvy leaders have charted a course of outsourcing their Marketing, Advertising & PR components to our team. They are our top shelf niche, our “External CMO Program” partners. Why? Because this is our lifeblood: it’s what we do best, which means it can be done efficiently with the best results (for the least amount of money!). And… with predetermined budget adherence guaranteed at year end.

We’ve all done it: Something goes wrong at home and we Google a YouTube video on how to fix it. After hours of attempting to “do it ourselves” to save some money, we end up calling the plumber or electrician who fixes the issue in 20 minutes and we wonder why we wasted so much time.

Hiring carlsonCREATIVE allows our clients to focus on their strengths AND control expenses. Typically these firms reside in the $5MM – $20MM annual revenue sector, and are experiencing growth trajectory on a yearly basis. The decision to outsource allows these leaders the time and focus to effectively captain their firms on a strategically sound course.

They recognize the value of their time, and spend it wisely.

“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” — Thomas Edison