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Face It: Everyone is in sales, every day - carlsonCREATIVE, inc.

“I don’t want a career in Sales.” I hear that a lot from recent altruistic college graduates. Also from many of those in between jobs and “waiting for the right opportunity”. My reply is always the same: “We are all in Sales”.

You may not remember crying as a baby when hungry. That would be selling your need for nutrition to the keeper of the bottle. And you want it now! Sales. Convincing cry, get fed.

Fast forward a bit, borrow your parent’s car for a jaunt? Sell the vehicle owner on where you are going, why AND negotiate the return time.

Ask someone out? Why should they step out with you? Packaging that presentation (you) = Sales. Remember, resilience is a acquired positive trait that tempers rejection.

Student seeks grade approval from a teacher or professor. Sell them on your ability to comprehend and do well in their class. Perception of your effort can be subjective and influence ratings. Even ask for a higher mark if not enamored with your lot? Sales.

Seeking a promotion at work, more responsibility, increased earnings? You better sell yourself…

The courting dance that can lead to marriage or moving in together? Researching the prospects for a long term relationship. Sales.

A later years’ audition for a spot in an Independent Living Community. Want in? You guessed it, Sales.

Successful CEO’s routinely sell themselves and their firm to banks for financing, stockholders for investment, their existing teams and talented prospects they are recruiting. Their ascension to the top is linked to selling a product or service. Their success is the emulated example of a career in Sales done well.


Revenue & Results make the world go round.

Face it, we are ALL in Sales…