We all put up walls. They can be structural. Load bearing. Very formidable. But many times, they are built psychologically. These are the mental blocks and blinders that obscure our vision and hold us back.

Obstacles. All the rage these days in racing series like Spartan & Mudders….are meant to be conquered. At least you owe yourself an attempt. Those who truly care about you will be in your corner. They always are, win or lose. And, there really is no “lose”, just another lesson to be learned. Such as who is REALLY in your corner…

These obstacles can be named conformity. Going with the flow, even when you know that it is wrong.

Contentment, apathy, sameness are business killers. They also can contribute to a comfort level that decreases risk tolerance and squashes dream chasing.

Break the mold that binds you today.

My wife and I have a battle cry, crafted from second-chance knowledge.

Live life, don’t settle.

“Blue oceans” abound; they open doors to new markets and opportunities (Thank you Professors Kim & Mauborgne, authors of Blue Ocean Strategies). All you have to do is climb over that wall. The “ocean” is there, and step one is the hardest.

Be well, get better…