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Seth Godin is a favorite author of ours. “SHIP” is an excellent 4-letter word. His definition sheds light on how the marketplace will decide how your product will sell. We need to listen, adjust, and actually SHIP. Most are attempting to perfect to their own standards, and never end up going to market. A shame…

carlsonCREATIVE is a Redirection Marketing firm enjoying a Base Camp situated in America’s Hometown — Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA. A hybrid ADVERTISING, PR & MARKETING Agency, the business model has evolved into an external CMO relationship for select clients, restoring time & capital to savvy CEOs & Business Leaders.

A refocus of marketing energies & expenses is recommended where applicable, with a budget set and adhered to. Implementation of all agreed-upon initiatives is then carried out, control of timing & budget remaining with the client.

Proficiency acquired through experience in varying industries enables our “crossover/snowball” effect differentiation approaches to be put into play expediently. The “same” methods your competitors are deploying are not an option.

carlsonCREATIVE Proficiencies:

• “C20Focus” Program
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• “b4Solve” Execution
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“C20Focus” Program, spurring laser-like focus on your desired clientele. Our FOCUS is a key calibration tool for boosting Marketing ROI and SMART business growth. Mass marketing and cold calling are dead. Fine tune your approach on who you should be attracting, for the RIGHT Revenue Growth mix. Then deliver your message so it is heard and understood. Control your own destiny.

“b4Solve” execution, demonstrating the advantages of Market Research. 19th century German statesman Otto Bismarck on re-inventing the wheel – “Only the fool learns from his own mistakes; the wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” The answers are out there, you just have
to know where to look.

Typical results are increased Revenue and decreased Marketing $ outflow. Expenses are redirected to Investment that is measured.

Our biggest differentiator?

Timely implementation and measurement metrics yield flexibility and expedient corrective action where necessary for increased MROI (Marketing Return on Investment). Our analytical pedigree is second to none. What we can measure, we can change…

As the philosopher Mike Tyson so aptly put it, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. Our experience allows for expedient “Plan B” implementation when needed. No knockouts allowed…

If recognition of “Nothing Ventured Stays the Same” exists, a connection would be mutually beneficial. We live to “Redirect” your Marketing Energy to the best avenues for your SMART Revenue Growth.

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